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WOW this is the Great Benefits of Water Guava

Benefits of Water Guava
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Benefits of Water Guava - By consuming water guava will help the body avoid dehydration, especially when his more blistering than usual weather, the water content in water guava is able to maintain the body's metabolism and keep the vital organs hydrated, especially in the kidneys. Water provides a more optimal kidney function because it helps remove dirt that will cause kidney stones or problems are more dangerous as the symptoms of kidney cancer.

Efficacy Benefits of Water Guava

water Guava also contains water-just like its name-, which would have benefits for the good properties of the body. Among them: water, calories, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, and riblovon. Here are the benefits of water guava to beauty and health:

Good for Pregnant Women

The water guava very beneficial for pregnant women because of the numbers RDA of vitamin A which is owned waetr guava. By consuming as much as 1 kg of water guava, it was very good for the health of pregnant women. when i write "consuming" you can process water guava, may be salad, water guava juice, or another snacnk. you also combine that with another furuit to get their benefits as well.

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Prevent Dehydration

If you eat water guava fruit, water released quite a lot. Because it is water guava has a water content was as high as 100 grams guava contains water could reach 93%, so it is suitable to prevent dehydration. The water content is abundant in water guava fruit is also good for maintaining healthy kidneys and digestive tract and can increase the sense of mood or happy for those who consume them.

Benefits of Water Guava Increasing Fertility
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Benefits of Water Guava Increasing Fertility

Probably still rare to hear that the water guava has benefits to maintain and improve fertility in men. Water guava that contains vitamin C, known as antioxidants can maintain healthy body cells, including maintaining the health of the sperm cells that have been damaged.

Maintaining Eye Health

After yesterday we talked about how to maintain eye health with natural ingredients, it turns out there are other natural ingredients that can be used are water guava fruit. Cashew water also has vitamin A, which as we all know that vitamin A is a good vitamin that is needed by the eye. When you feel tired or busy for too long at the computer, you can consume water guava fruit to overcome the eye tiredness.

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Benefits of Water Guava for Beauty

In addition to health, it turns out the fruit can also bring beauty to those who consume them. That's because water guava fruits contain vitamin C. This vitamin in addition to maintaining the health of the body against disease, also known to rejuvenate the skin from the inside.

There are many more benefits of water guava which I have to say, and for a while it can probably only those that i can write. That has not been conveyed today, maybe in other ytime I will present again in another beneficial article.

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