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The Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair

benefits of shaving pubic hair female
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The Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair - In this modern age of beauty is the main demands to be kept and maintained in such a manner for the sake of performance excellence and interesting.

Beauty that there are basically two tablets of , namely, beauty from the outside and from the inside or inner beauty. Beauty from the outside is no doubt already know,  dong. Yep, especially if not beauty body. Beauty body itself there is from the body and from the outside.

know that beauty was also derived from the cleanliness. Proper hygiene will be pared the information this time was hygiene tool reproductions in particular about the benefits of shaving the pubic hair for , ya!

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3 Benefits of Pubic Shea

pros and cons of shaving female pubic hair
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Avoid infections and wounds

Diligently pubic hair shaved at least once a month especially for women after experiencing menstruation, able to protect and safeguard the reproductive area stays clean and healthy.

If  rarely shaved pubic hair then the reproductive area will be more moist and triggers the onset of infection by bacteria-bacteria that like to be in an environment that is moist.

From the infection, sometimes will cause itchiness when  scratch it, it will arise. That wound would then become a means for germs or harmful bacteria that can cause venereal disease.

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Increase confidence

The proverb says that confidence comes when we are healthy. Pubic hair shaving diligently, then  has been trying to keep yourself health  health especially reproductive tool which is the organ essential for survival  course.

So, confidence also stems from the cleanliness of our body loh, ! Moreover, if  doesn't want odor-odour arises is not desirable from a reproductive tool covered with pubic hair until dense ihhh!!!

Prevent genital lice or mites  (Phithirus Pubis)

When shaving pubic hair, do not shave until exhausted Yes! This is due to pubic hair also has the function to protect the reproductive organs especially the area of genital lice or mites to not lodged in the area of reproductive organs. Therefore, the do not shave off pubic hair pubic hair should leave the aliases remain thin.

benefits of trimming pubic hair
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Optimize the size of the penis

The penis is a reproductive organ of men when the hair is shaved his cock, then the organ would look big when erect. It can be men prove themselves kok!

Maintain the cleanliness of the organ after menstruation

This is true for the women who have to keep extra hygiene after experiencing menstruation due to menstrual blood that is left will cause itchiness on the miss-area V, lho!

So the need to shave pubic hair after gone through periods of menstruation to prevent itching and inhibit the growth of germs and fungus in the area miss-V.

Well, from the explanation above it needs to be really right to maintain the cleanliness of the reproductive organs with shaved pubic hair,

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Surprising Benefits behind Alcohol and liquor

the benefits of alcohol and liquor
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Surprising Benefits behind Alcohol and liquor - One of the most consistent findings in the world of nutrition lately is that the consumption of alcohol and liquor (in small quantities) can increase the body's health in General and lead you on longevity.

The benefits of alcohol to health range from substantiating the brain, to cure colds and cold.

The benefits of alcohol for health

The following are benefits of alcohol may be obtained if you consume it amounts as necessary.

1. Good for heart health

Reasonable intake of any liquor or alcohol may lower the risk of heart disease by up to 40 percent, according to a review that involved more than 100 prospective study from the Harvard School of Public Health, reported by from Live Strong.

Researchers from the Mediterranean Neurological found that consuming beer in the limit of necessity every day can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 25 percent. The research team concluded, drinking beer until 1.3 litres per day for men, and half that for women (around 0.65 liters) can have beneficial effects for your heart.benefits of alcohol for health

As well as consuming red wine (red wine). In addition to good for heart health, reasonably known drinking red wine may help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, enhances the immune system of the body, and prevents bone damage.

The benefits of alcohol against heart health with regards to its ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, and reducing blood disorder that can cause a blockage of the arteries — with a heart attack may follow.

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2. Beer is rich in vitamin B

Beer is not always contain empty calories. Various studies find that beer contains thiamin and riboflavin (vitamin B two types), as well as calcium, magnesium, and selenium are more than wine and cider.

The researchers suspect this is due to the raw material used to make beer (such as barley or hops/bud spruce) and the difference in how to make.

The active compound in hops can protect you from the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, according to a study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry offered from Shape.

Researchers from the Chinese discovered that hops contain xanthohumol which is known to have antioxidant and anticancer benefits, serves to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact

Nevertheless, beer type brew known dark has advantages nutritional value other types of beer beat. One glass standard (12-ounces) beer lager offering less than one gram of fiber, while the dark brew containing more than one gram of fiber per glass dish.

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More surprising yet, the dark brew beer contains iron deposits of 121 ppb (parts per billion) compared to regular beers have 92 ppb and non-alcoholic fermentation of beet as much as 63 ppb.

Iron carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the muscles of the body and the other organs of the system, so that when Your iron intake is below average, oxygen will flow more slowly, which can make you feel tired, lethargic, and irritability.

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3. Good for kidney health

Although the fizzy drinks and syrups have been associated with an increased risk of Kidney stone formation (23-33 percent), consuming beer and wine in fact just shows the percentage much lower risk: 41% decreased risk at 31 percent for beer and wine.Alcohol Effects on the Digestive System

In addition, regular consumption of alcohol is known to be able to lower the risk of emergence of gallstones. In contrast, people who do not regularly incorporate alcohol in her everyday consumption did not show the existence of a significant relationship against such risks.

Active compounds in alcoholic beverages affect the good and bad cholesterol in the blood, but also affects the level of the cholesterol contained in bile.

Plus more, having excess body weight is one of the risk factors of the emergence of gallstones. Thus, the consumption of alcoholic beverages responsibly can help you manage your weight is healthy.

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Benefits of Wear Veil

how to wear hijab
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Do you often feel uneasy to see a women who hijab the width? Yes, most people would think like that. The users of hijab that covers the chest with this wide size, seeming to be an odd view. Why? Because it is rarely women who want to use it.

Benefits of Wear Hijab

Did you know, that turned out to be using hijab width it has many advantages. If a Muslim has established itself to use this kind of hijab, then certainly no aka tone of regret that he feels. Hence, what are the benefits?

1. Keep us from Temptation Eyes man

"Woman's world poison," it feels like this phrase is already no stranger to our ears is not it? Whatever we wear no escape from temptation and mischievous eyes glance males. With a wide chest closes hijab, automatically they are more reluctant to tempt us. At least the temptation to appear any time not suitan naughty and hot ears making again. Most such temptations, "Assalamualaikum Aisha/Bu," which we will receive from them.

2. Extra Protection from pollution

All-round clothes covered will make our body protected from the various pollutants. So any additional protection we get without having to put this concoction that's on our bodies. Well, it turns out that another benefit of wide hijab can also make the body more brighter. How not, hijab will preventi us from direct sunlight.

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3. become a reminder to always be kind

Many people have said, if you want to be a good person it should be hijabi first new heart, his body. It certainly could not be justified. If any of our sister hijab and do not hijab certainly momentarily led astray right?

Then with the use of hijab in width, indirectly we will be reminded to keep our behavior. At least we were embarrassed with a long hijab stalling chest and cover our body during this time.

4. Exclusion of men who intend to mess around

Realized it or not, men will more often against women who wear hijab width compared to those who are the throwing shoulder hooks then hijab. It's become its own advantages for us, at least the men later come those who intend is seriously establish ties without any curiosity to playing first.

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5. Food vendors more easily reminds us of the Halal food

Many restaurants are halal food is still questionable. Well, by wearing a hijab, usually the seller will inform us in advance whether or not food or halal, he had sold. Don't want to right if the food that we consume even raises madhorot for ourselves?

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Benefits of Baby Oil for Child and Adult

The Benefits Of Baby Oil In Addition To The Baby Is Also Suitable For Adults
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Benefits of Baby Oil for Child and Adult - Baby oil is mineral oil which has been mixed with a deodorizer, which extracted and distilled in particular, other blends contained in Baby oil, Lanolin, that there is usually some kind of substance that extracted of the sebaceous glands of sheep. Sebaceous Gland is to produce natural skin moisturizers. The Benefits Of Baby Oil In Addition To The Baby Is Also Suitable For Adults


Although specifically intended for baby oil baby, but actually benefits the baby oil is also good for use by all ages, since the content of minerals and lanolin contained therein could be proven to moisturize and maintain health and softness of the skin, and prevent the skin dry, flaky skin, and can treat mild irritation to the skin.

the smells of baby oil also serves as a aromateraphy who can provide a positive sensation, then what are the benefits of baby oil to the skin health of children and adults more, please check out more information below.

The benefits of Baby Oil for babies and children

The benefits of Baby Oil for babies and children
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Prevent Eczema for child

Prevent the occurrence of Eczema which this condition occurs frequently in children, eczema is a skin condition that redness and itching due to the child's skin is too dry, to prevent eczema can use baby oil after your bath, but don't forget the skin felt cleansed and dried first.

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Prevent and treat diaper rash in infants

Also do not forget to clean and pat dry the skin of a new baby is baby oil.

Prevent and treat Cradle Cap

Can treat and prevent the occurrence of seborrhoeic Dermatitis or also known as Cradle cap, which often appears on the back of the head, eyebrows, ears, and nose of a baby's hand, was 1-3 months, due to the excess oil so that the baby's skin becomes scaly and reddish, actually how to treat Cradle cap can by using a special shampoo and lotion, baby oil can also be used as optional, although there has been no accurate medical proof concerning this issue

As Massage Oil

Other Baby oil benefits for children and babies that is very well used to massage the body of infants and children, but do not use baby oil as in the baby, since the baby's skin is baby generally haven't been able to absorb the oil well.

The benefits of baby oil for adults

For Breastfeeding mom

Baby Oil containing lanolin is useful to reduce dry skin and chapped nipples breastfeeding, and able to maintain the skin's natural moisture nipple mom.

Prevent Eczema

By applying baby oil after your bath, eczema skin actually is common in children and infants, but in some cases can also occur in adults.

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Skin Oil

As a substitute for the skin's natural oils to keep the moisture and softness to the skin, apply after bathing when the skin is still moist/still a little wet.

Removes Make Up with Baby Oil
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As Make Up Cleanser

As a cosmetic, suitable also for cleaning eye makeup, and makeup made cream.

Prevent Dry Skin

Prevent dry skin because the baby oil is useful for preventing the occurrence of excessive evaporation of water on the skin.

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Polish for leather shoes

For those of you who love collecting shoes leather, you guys definitely know if leather shoes should be noted in particular if compared to other shoes. Leather shoe polish so frequently have to stay clean and shiny.

Well, if you don't have the Polish or polish for shoes, you can avoid using baby oil. It's easy, you simply pour a little baby oil on a clean cloth, then clean all parts to avoid shoes with a cloth. And eventually the shoe will look to avoid shine like new.

That's the range of benefits of baby oil for babies, children and adults, do not forget to read the content of the label, and the date when purchasing baby oil expiredincluding instructions how to saved location.

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Benefits of Mango Leaves as Medicine

Benefits of Mango Leaves as Nedicine
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Benefits of Mango Leaves as Medicine - Mango in addition to having a sweet taste refreshing, it also contains a lot of vitamins and healthy. But you know if the leaves of mango also offer some health benefits?

There are many ways to take advantage of mango leaves. Drain and milled to produce a fine powder. Mango leaves contain vitamins B, C, phenols and flavonoids.

Benefits of Mango Leaves as Medicine

Here are the benefits of mango leaves.


If you have pain in the ear, the juice of mango leaves can use as ear drops. This can help in reducing the pain. Make sure that you warm up a little juice.

Benefits of Mango Leaves as Medicine Breathing problems
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Benefits of Mango Leaves as Medicine Breathing problems

Boil two cups of water along with mango leaves. Filtered water after 15 minutes and add three drops of honey before drinking. This cure coughs and specific symptoms such as asthma and bronchitis.


If you are suffering from dysentery, add half a teaspoon of powder of mango leaves along with a cup of water. Drink three times a day.

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Fill a bowl with water and put some mango leaves into the water. Soak overnight and drinking water in the morning. If consumed regularly, this could relieve certain symptoms of diabetes.


If you feel anxious and nervous, try to add 2-3 cups of tea leaves of mango in your bath water. This bath water, can make you feel fresh.

Benefits of Mango Leaves as Blood pressure controler
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Blood pressure

Mango leaves also can reduce blood pressure disorders and keeping your blood vessels healthy.

Kidney stones

Add a teaspoon of powder of mango leaves to a cup of water and leave overnight and drink in the morning. This method is believed to launch stones in the kidney.


Take some mango leaves dried and roasted. Ash from burnt can be applied to burns on the skin to heal faster.

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Unexpected Benefits of BOOBS fruit ( Loofah )

benefits of loofah
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Unexpected Benefits of BOOBS fruit ( Loofah ) - Did you know ‘bout benefits of loofah? Maybe some of us are less familiar with odd shaped plant one's called fruit Loofah. The shape is really like boobs. Eits somewhat similar to, but do not be so negative first, because the plant has a myriad of Vietnamese origin is the only benefits.

Benefits of Loofah Fruit

Need to know loofah benefits for human health? Here they are:

1. As the vegetables were tasty

Want to try different dishes? It seems loofah can be a unique recommendation to accompany meals you eat to be used as food ingredients, commonly used loofah his young fruit can be cooked as a vegetable, soup or other dishes.

2. Treating Constipation

When you have constipation or digestive problems, or else, can you eat loofah?? eating loofah fruit can help you solve problems with digestion. Because that is one of many benefits of using a loofah.

Loofah ripe fruit contain very much fiber is good for the digestive system.

benefits of loofah Treating Cough
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3. Treating Cough

Loofah fruit that has a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that can be used as medicine. Any disease that can be cured by fruit loofah? You can use a loofah fruit through how to boil, then boil water loofah can be used to prevent or cure the disease cough.

Make a decoction of healing with loofah water regularly until the cough gradually recovering.

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4. Benefits of Loofah Fruit as Skin Lightening

Loofah fruit is believed to increase the skin brighter. How? The ways is little unique. If you want to benefit loofah that this one, you can use a tool made of loofah scrub dried.

This scrub tool mentioned can lift dead skin cells and can minimize pores you. But skin, do not rub too hard, because it could be the skin actually hurt rather than becoming Brighter. Use loofah scrub with tool regularly so that the results can be maximized.

Furthermore, the impact of the tool loofah scrub of this will make the skin more healthy because doing scrub on the skin, it will help the circulation of air at the surface of the skin until the skin becomes Healthier. Interesting right?

5. Cure Swelling

Loofah fruit consumed with how directly consumed to relieve swelling in the sinuses or.  Consume loofah with a direct way to keep the nutrients and benefits that are stored in the loofah.

For information only, loofah taste is slightly sweet and not too bad to consume freshly. Need to try.

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6. Get rid of Joint Pain

The benefits of loofah fruit others namely to cure pain in the joints.

Most research has shown that eating a loofah, either cooked or boiled and drunk the water, can relieve pain that occurs on your joints.

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Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin

Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin
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Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin - Gambir extract from the sap of the plant named Uncaria gambier. These plants usually grow vines, with many thorns on the stem. The presence of antioxidants in natural products made have properties to address some health problems.

Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin

Some uncaria gambir uses are for skin beauty care, as acne medications relievers and black spots. How to make a brew Gambier with twigs and leaves of Uncaria Gambier, along with hot water. After being left for a while, they form hard deposits yellow. These deposits eventually turns into a yellowish brown or black. Gambier crystals can be cut into pieces or crushed as a powder, if this material will be used.

The characteristics of the most typical Gambier plant is the leaves that look very heavy. The flowers are pink, very beautiful as an ornamental plant.

At first glance, this plant is similar to the cloves. The difference clove tree has no thorns.

The content of Gambier

Gambier plant contains important substances that have antioxidant properties, such as catechins, flavonoids, gambier tannin, tannin oxo, dihydro tannin and tanning substances.

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11 Benefits of Gambier For Health And Beauty Face

Behind tastes very bitter and chelates, Gambier rich in beauty and health benefits. Well, this is from the sap of the uncaria gambir medicinal uses treatment of:

1. Uncaria gambir uses As migraine headaches treatment

migraine headaches next course was excruciating. Overcome by consuming little gambier hear routine, until the disease cured. More: 12 natural way of treating migraine

Uncaria gambir benefit for Skin
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2. Uncaria gambir benefit for Skin

Dry the skin blisters and burns caused black burned by hot objects, can be minimized scar using gambier leaves. Mashed leaves until blended, apply on wounds that heal faster and reduce scars.

3. uncaria gambir effect for teeth

Strengthens teeth to prevent tooth loss, chewing betel leaf piece gambier and then discard the waste. By routinely perform this way, the tooth to be strong and not easily porous.

4. uncaria gambir extract to Stop diarrhea

gambier leaves and branches can be used as a cure diarrhea. This leaves drying in the sun to dry, then brewed together with a cup of hot water. Drinking water to fight the diarrhea-causing bacteria in the colon.

5. Uncaria Gambir to Overcoming hoarseness or raspy

To clear a hoarse voice, fax crystal piece gambier and betel leaves along with ½ cup hot water. Rinsing with water in the morning and evening.

6. Uncaria Gambir Extract to boost Immune

Boost immunity gambier leaves contain catechins, are chemical compounds that have natural antioxidant properties. The effective antioxidants to combat free radicals, cause various types of diseases.

7. As an ulcer drug

ulcer disease symptoms such as pain in the stomach, and stomach knotted. Adjust your diet, and avoid foods that are very spicy. To treat ulcer disease traditionally, you can use extracts of gambier. Mix the powder Gambier with pure honey and water, drink every day for a week.

8. Benefits sap gambier for Digestion

Digestion is to facilitate or stimulate bile expenditure, so that the metabolic system stomach and intestines to be smooth.

9. Treating thrush and dry lips

Gambier is also useful for troubleshooting mouth as dry lips and mouth ulcers. Simply by applying Gambier on lips or the mouth of the injury.

Gambier Benefits For Skin Beauty

Gambier Benefits For Skin Beauty
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10. Remove black spots and wrinkles

Black spots and wrinkles on the face is a sign of skin aging. Gambier mask is very effective to overcome signs of aging on your skin. By using this mask regularly, the skin will become firmer and fresher.

11. Eliminate acne scars

To reduce blemishes acne scars on the face, wear a mask Gambier. Gambier Dissolve powder into a glass of warm water. Allow to thicken, apply the cream on the entire face. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse using clean water and regular soap.

Well, that's 11 gambier benefits for skin health and beauty. Now, you are more healthy and beautiful using natural ingredients.