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Benefits of Wear Veil

how to wear hijab
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Do you often feel uneasy to see a women who hijab the width? Yes, most people would think like that. The users of hijab that covers the chest with this wide size, seeming to be an odd view. Why? Because it is rarely women who want to use it.

Benefits of Wear Hijab

Did you know, that turned out to be using hijab width it has many advantages. If a Muslim has established itself to use this kind of hijab, then certainly no aka tone of regret that he feels. Hence, what are the benefits?

1. Keep us from Temptation Eyes man

"Woman's world poison," it feels like this phrase is already no stranger to our ears is not it? Whatever we wear no escape from temptation and mischievous eyes glance males. With a wide chest closes hijab, automatically they are more reluctant to tempt us. At least the temptation to appear any time not suitan naughty and hot ears making again. Most such temptations, "Assalamualaikum Aisha/Bu," which we will receive from them.

2. Extra Protection from pollution

All-round clothes covered will make our body protected from the various pollutants. So any additional protection we get without having to put this concoction that's on our bodies. Well, it turns out that another benefit of wide hijab can also make the body more brighter. How not, hijab will preventi us from direct sunlight.

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3. become a reminder to always be kind

Many people have said, if you want to be a good person it should be hijabi first new heart, his body. It certainly could not be justified. If any of our sister hijab and do not hijab certainly momentarily led astray right?

Then with the use of hijab in width, indirectly we will be reminded to keep our behavior. At least we were embarrassed with a long hijab stalling chest and cover our body during this time.

4. Exclusion of men who intend to mess around

Realized it or not, men will more often against women who wear hijab width compared to those who are the throwing shoulder hooks then hijab. It's become its own advantages for us, at least the men later come those who intend is seriously establish ties without any curiosity to playing first.

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5. Food vendors more easily reminds us of the Halal food

Many restaurants are halal food is still questionable. Well, by wearing a hijab, usually the seller will inform us in advance whether or not food or halal, he had sold. Don't want to right if the food that we consume even raises madhorot for ourselves?