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The Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair

benefits of shaving pubic hair female
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The Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair - In this modern age of beauty is the main demands to be kept and maintained in such a manner for the sake of performance excellence and interesting.

Beauty that there are basically two tablets of , namely, beauty from the outside and from the inside or inner beauty. Beauty from the outside is no doubt already know,  dong. Yep, especially if not beauty body. Beauty body itself there is from the body and from the outside.

know that beauty was also derived from the cleanliness. Proper hygiene will be pared the information this time was hygiene tool reproductions in particular about the benefits of shaving the pubic hair for , ya!

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3 Benefits of Pubic Shea

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Avoid infections and wounds

Diligently pubic hair shaved at least once a month especially for women after experiencing menstruation, able to protect and safeguard the reproductive area stays clean and healthy.

If  rarely shaved pubic hair then the reproductive area will be more moist and triggers the onset of infection by bacteria-bacteria that like to be in an environment that is moist.

From the infection, sometimes will cause itchiness when  scratch it, it will arise. That wound would then become a means for germs or harmful bacteria that can cause venereal disease.

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Increase confidence

The proverb says that confidence comes when we are healthy. Pubic hair shaving diligently, then  has been trying to keep yourself health  health especially reproductive tool which is the organ essential for survival  course.

So, confidence also stems from the cleanliness of our body loh, ! Moreover, if  doesn't want odor-odour arises is not desirable from a reproductive tool covered with pubic hair until dense ihhh!!!

Prevent genital lice or mites  (Phithirus Pubis)

When shaving pubic hair, do not shave until exhausted Yes! This is due to pubic hair also has the function to protect the reproductive organs especially the area of genital lice or mites to not lodged in the area of reproductive organs. Therefore, the do not shave off pubic hair pubic hair should leave the aliases remain thin.

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Optimize the size of the penis

The penis is a reproductive organ of men when the hair is shaved his cock, then the organ would look big when erect. It can be men prove themselves kok!

Maintain the cleanliness of the organ after menstruation

This is true for the women who have to keep extra hygiene after experiencing menstruation due to menstrual blood that is left will cause itchiness on the miss-area V, lho!

So the need to shave pubic hair after gone through periods of menstruation to prevent itching and inhibit the growth of germs and fungus in the area miss-V.

Well, from the explanation above it needs to be really right to maintain the cleanliness of the reproductive organs with shaved pubic hair,