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Wow Benefits of Cactus

Benefits of Cactus
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Cactus is the name given to members of the flowering plant family Cactaceae. Cactus plants included in the group because of succulent plants can store water supplies in the trunk. Cactus stem able to accommodate the large volume of water. Cactus stem form varies greatly. The cactus can grow for a long time without water. Cactus commonly found in areas that are dry (desert).

In order to survive in the arid desert, cactus has a specific metabolism. Cactus open stomata at night when the weather was cooler than during a hot day. At night, cactus also picks up carbon dioxide / CO2 from the environment and store it in the vacuole for use when photosynthesis takes place (especially at noon).

Many types or species of cactus spines are long and sharp. The thorn is a modification of the leaf and used as protection against herbivores. Cactus flowers that function in reproduction grows from the armpit or areola and attached to the plant and do not have a flower stalk

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The function and the special features of cactus

Cactus has long roots in search of water and widen the absorption of water in the soil. Water is absorbed cactus stored in a room in the trunk. The cactus also has leaves that are transformed into thorns in order to reduce the evaporation of water through the leaves. Therefore, the cactus can grow for a long time without water.

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as a source of food, one of which is the cactus Opuntia. The species is widely cultivated for fruit and stems taken his youth. Opuntia fruit of many processed into jam, called queso de tuna. Meanwhile, young stems, known as nopalitos Opuntia be skinned and fried, steamed, or processed into pickled in sweet-sour vinegar. Today, Opuntia also still used as animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Carnegiea gigantean cactus species can be used as a basic ingredient of flour for bread making. However, this flour is no longer used because people prefer flour of corn.

The roots of the cactus Echinocactus platycanthus can be processed in liquid candy sugar to serve. The roots of woody or vascular vessel containing lignin from the cactus is also used as a building material.

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