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Benefits of Baby Oil for Child and Adult

The Benefits Of Baby Oil In Addition To The Baby Is Also Suitable For Adults
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Benefits of Baby Oil for Child and Adult - Baby oil is mineral oil which has been mixed with a deodorizer, which extracted and distilled in particular, other blends contained in Baby oil, Lanolin, that there is usually some kind of substance that extracted of the sebaceous glands of sheep. Sebaceous Gland is to produce natural skin moisturizers. The Benefits Of Baby Oil In Addition To The Baby Is Also Suitable For Adults


Although specifically intended for baby oil baby, but actually benefits the baby oil is also good for use by all ages, since the content of minerals and lanolin contained therein could be proven to moisturize and maintain health and softness of the skin, and prevent the skin dry, flaky skin, and can treat mild irritation to the skin.

the smells of baby oil also serves as a aromateraphy who can provide a positive sensation, then what are the benefits of baby oil to the skin health of children and adults more, please check out more information below.

The benefits of Baby Oil for babies and children

The benefits of Baby Oil for babies and children
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Prevent Eczema for child

Prevent the occurrence of Eczema which this condition occurs frequently in children, eczema is a skin condition that redness and itching due to the child's skin is too dry, to prevent eczema can use baby oil after your bath, but don't forget the skin felt cleansed and dried first.

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Prevent and treat diaper rash in infants

Also do not forget to clean and pat dry the skin of a new baby is baby oil.

Prevent and treat Cradle Cap

Can treat and prevent the occurrence of seborrhoeic Dermatitis or also known as Cradle cap, which often appears on the back of the head, eyebrows, ears, and nose of a baby's hand, was 1-3 months, due to the excess oil so that the baby's skin becomes scaly and reddish, actually how to treat Cradle cap can by using a special shampoo and lotion, baby oil can also be used as optional, although there has been no accurate medical proof concerning this issue

As Massage Oil

Other Baby oil benefits for children and babies that is very well used to massage the body of infants and children, but do not use baby oil as in the baby, since the baby's skin is baby generally haven't been able to absorb the oil well.

The benefits of baby oil for adults

For Breastfeeding mom

Baby Oil containing lanolin is useful to reduce dry skin and chapped nipples breastfeeding, and able to maintain the skin's natural moisture nipple mom.

Prevent Eczema

By applying baby oil after your bath, eczema skin actually is common in children and infants, but in some cases can also occur in adults.

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Skin Oil

As a substitute for the skin's natural oils to keep the moisture and softness to the skin, apply after bathing when the skin is still moist/still a little wet.

Removes Make Up with Baby Oil
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As Make Up Cleanser

As a cosmetic, suitable also for cleaning eye makeup, and makeup made cream.

Prevent Dry Skin

Prevent dry skin because the baby oil is useful for preventing the occurrence of excessive evaporation of water on the skin.

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Polish for leather shoes

For those of you who love collecting shoes leather, you guys definitely know if leather shoes should be noted in particular if compared to other shoes. Leather shoe polish so frequently have to stay clean and shiny.

Well, if you don't have the Polish or polish for shoes, you can avoid using baby oil. It's easy, you simply pour a little baby oil on a clean cloth, then clean all parts to avoid shoes with a cloth. And eventually the shoe will look to avoid shine like new.

That's the range of benefits of baby oil for babies, children and adults, do not forget to read the content of the label, and the date when purchasing baby oil expiredincluding instructions how to saved location.

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