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Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin

Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin
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Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin - Gambir extract from the sap of the plant named Uncaria gambier. These plants usually grow vines, with many thorns on the stem. The presence of antioxidants in natural products made have properties to address some health problems.

Benefits of Gambier for Health and Skin

Some uncaria gambir uses are for skin beauty care, as acne medications relievers and black spots. How to make a brew Gambier with twigs and leaves of Uncaria Gambier, along with hot water. After being left for a while, they form hard deposits yellow. These deposits eventually turns into a yellowish brown or black. Gambier crystals can be cut into pieces or crushed as a powder, if this material will be used.

The characteristics of the most typical Gambier plant is the leaves that look very heavy. The flowers are pink, very beautiful as an ornamental plant.

At first glance, this plant is similar to the cloves. The difference clove tree has no thorns.

The content of Gambier

Gambier plant contains important substances that have antioxidant properties, such as catechins, flavonoids, gambier tannin, tannin oxo, dihydro tannin and tanning substances.

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11 Benefits of Gambier For Health And Beauty Face

Behind tastes very bitter and chelates, Gambier rich in beauty and health benefits. Well, this is from the sap of the uncaria gambir medicinal uses treatment of:

1. Uncaria gambir uses As migraine headaches treatment

migraine headaches next course was excruciating. Overcome by consuming little gambier hear routine, until the disease cured. More: 12 natural way of treating migraine

Uncaria gambir benefit for Skin
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2. Uncaria gambir benefit for Skin

Dry the skin blisters and burns caused black burned by hot objects, can be minimized scar using gambier leaves. Mashed leaves until blended, apply on wounds that heal faster and reduce scars.

3. uncaria gambir effect for teeth

Strengthens teeth to prevent tooth loss, chewing betel leaf piece gambier and then discard the waste. By routinely perform this way, the tooth to be strong and not easily porous.

4. uncaria gambir extract to Stop diarrhea

gambier leaves and branches can be used as a cure diarrhea. This leaves drying in the sun to dry, then brewed together with a cup of hot water. Drinking water to fight the diarrhea-causing bacteria in the colon.

5. Uncaria Gambir to Overcoming hoarseness or raspy

To clear a hoarse voice, fax crystal piece gambier and betel leaves along with ½ cup hot water. Rinsing with water in the morning and evening.

6. Uncaria Gambir Extract to boost Immune

Boost immunity gambier leaves contain catechins, are chemical compounds that have natural antioxidant properties. The effective antioxidants to combat free radicals, cause various types of diseases.

7. As an ulcer drug

ulcer disease symptoms such as pain in the stomach, and stomach knotted. Adjust your diet, and avoid foods that are very spicy. To treat ulcer disease traditionally, you can use extracts of gambier. Mix the powder Gambier with pure honey and water, drink every day for a week.

8. Benefits sap gambier for Digestion

Digestion is to facilitate or stimulate bile expenditure, so that the metabolic system stomach and intestines to be smooth.

9. Treating thrush and dry lips

Gambier is also useful for troubleshooting mouth as dry lips and mouth ulcers. Simply by applying Gambier on lips or the mouth of the injury.

Gambier Benefits For Skin Beauty

Gambier Benefits For Skin Beauty
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10. Remove black spots and wrinkles

Black spots and wrinkles on the face is a sign of skin aging. Gambier mask is very effective to overcome signs of aging on your skin. By using this mask regularly, the skin will become firmer and fresher.

11. Eliminate acne scars

To reduce blemishes acne scars on the face, wear a mask Gambier. Gambier Dissolve powder into a glass of warm water. Allow to thicken, apply the cream on the entire face. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse using clean water and regular soap.

Well, that's 11 gambier benefits for skin health and beauty. Now, you are more healthy and beautiful using natural ingredients.

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