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Awesome This is the Benefits of Earthworm

Benefits of Earthworm
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An animal that is familiar in the ears of the people, the animals are usually found during dig or plow their fields, because the majority of the population has worms in the soil, worms including animals in the category of kingdom Animalia.

At the time of former Egyptian royal assume that earthworms as being sacred, while in Greece itself considers that the worm is referred to as the land of his intestines.

In Indonesia alone, especially in the area of ??Madura, worms become prey to be processed into a natural medicine or herbal medicine is often referred to.

Brief of Earthworm the benefits of earthworms

Many people assume that the worm is a disgusting animal and not much benefit to mankind except to farmers who assist in breaking up and maintain the quality of the soil, in fact many scientists who do research on the worm for more than 50 years, then the results of these studies found that there is a worm in the coelomic fluid which contains approximately 40 different proteins.

Protein owned earthworms have differences in terms of the protection function of the body against mycobacteria, the human immune system is often referred to antibiotics, but the earthworm called with antimicrobials.

What distinguishes the immune system between them that the antimicrobial system of worms are capable of killing microbes without damaging the tissues in the body.

The immune system in earthworms cause bacterial cell cytoplasm die with the outside conditions and cause internal systems of the bacterial cells, and kills the bacteria from within.

While the immune system in the human body damage body tissues to turn certain bacterial microorganisms, therefore, the actual immune system in earthworms more powerful and sophisticated than the antibiotics that have been found to date.

Various Earthworm cultivation

Species on earthworms many kinds, here is the earthworm species commonly used by humans:
  1. Eisenia Feitida
  2. Lumbricus Rubellus
  3. Lumbricus Hortensis
  4. Lumbricus Terristris
  5. Andrei Esenia
  6. Perionyx
  7. Eudrilus Engeniae

Among the types of worms that there are many more types of other unknown type name, but the most commonly used treatment is a human in the world of European earthworm Lumbricus Rubellus manifold.

Content of Earthworm

In the first review was mentioned that the earthworm contains protein, in addition to earthworms also contains amino acids with high enough levels.

Proteins contained earthworm types Rubellus reached about 76%. The more levels compared with the levels of protein in beef and fish protein content of about 50% to 65% in number.

Earthworms including spineless animals or often referred to invertebrate animals. Worm population resides in loose soil and humid temperature.

The protein content of earthworms reached 76%, but it also contains other nutrients that are needed by the body as much as 17% amino acid, carbohydrate 45% and fat and about 1.5% ash.

Efficacy of Earthworm for health

The benefits of earthworms, Efficacy earthworms are not yet widely known by many people, especially for consumption. If it be re-examined on the content contained in worms, that the worms have an immune system that is powerful in killing bacteria without damaging the tissue in her body and contains proteins that have important roles in biological activity in the body, then the following benefits of earthworm good on the human body :

Healing Disease Typhus

Typhus disease is caused by a type of salmonella bacteria from growing in the human digestive tract, earthworms are useful to kill or block the growth of bacteria.

How can consume it with boiled, dried and then dissolved into the ground water or can be brewed with honey.

Benefits of Earthworm to Heal Diarrhea
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Benefits of Earthworm to Heal Diarrhea

Diarrheal disease is a disease that is often experienced by everyone, one of the traditional medicine that can cure it is to consume earthworms, diarrhea caused by E. coli and Shigella bacteria which can be brushed by antibacterial contained in the worm.

Launched Blood Circulation

Worm contains an enzyme that can destroy the bad fats in human blood circulatory system, so that the human circulatory system more smoothly, which is why the worm utilized to treat stroke and high blood pressure.

Digestion launched

Earthworms many containing enzymes, seluosa and a catalyst to help the biological activation process that is needed by the body, so earthworms can help the digestive system.

Preventing Fever

Consume earthworms are more effective than using paracetamol to lower fever, this was due to the earthworm extract containing nitrogen that are wet.

Calming Nerves

Worm contains Pheretima very influential on the human nervous system, so that by eating the worms will feel calm and also it is right to treat toothache, headache and rheumatism.

Increase Stamina

Earthworms contains taurine which can increase fat metabolism process and then converted into energy, and also it can be slimming for women who diet.

Earthworm Efficacy for Skin Health

Earthworms greatly be beneficial for skin health, because the worm contains alpha-tocopherol which serves to maintain the elasticity of the skin so that it looks young, the industry is currently using raw material worms are producing cosmetics industry.

Wound Healing

Worm contains arachidonic acid which serves to accelerate the growth of new cells, its function is to replace dead cells become new cells.

Boosting Appetite

Without realizing that the worm contains protein which is present in proteins, enzymes that can help the metabolic processes in the body so that the digestive system running properly and comfortably, the condition of the digestive organs are functioning well will stimulate the urge to diet needed by the body.

Suggestions of Eating Worms

Worms indeed disgusting animal when viewed from its habitat, it is necessary that a good processing before consumption, which must be done first is to clean the bowels worms until clean, then the worm has been cleaned boil.

Water former seethe worm can be made in medicine by mouth while the worm is dried and ground into powder that can then be mixed with coffee or honey about three cups per day.

Currently, there are many drugs that treat worm industry in the form of capsules or liquid, so no need to bother to cultivate it. Keep the patient does not see the treatment process so that the patient does not feel disgusted to consume them.

Hopefully some of these insights can be useful to the reader, if there is less and more shall beg forgiveness, advice for any readers are needed for perfect this article

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