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Lest running in the morning cause you will get many Benefits of Morning Run

Benefits of Morning Run
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Running in the morning, is very beneficial activity for health. many people doing this only in their spare time, when its holiday or when have no works to do. for people that routine running in the morning very many benefits that can be get and in this article i wanna share it, happy reading.

Benefits Running In The morning

Actually Benefit jog to the body is very diverse, one of which is to strengthen the bone condition.
Activity jog regularly will help you avoid bone loss or osteoporosis.

Thus, your bones will remain strong until Old. This is because when we do a morning run, the bones will become denser and stronger. Benefits of jogging or running other morning was to make your heart healthier. This is because the flow of blood to the heart become more fluent.

With the blood flow, the heart's performance will also be more smoothly. Running in the morning is also very beneficial for immunity immune system becomes better again. Doing a run in the morning will keep us from various diseases. This is because our immune system is more active.

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Running Tips Morning Good And Right

not only  when you in office that has right :) but also when you wanna get benefits of running there are something that you must pay attention at, here they are:

Wear running shoes

In general, we rarely pay attention to a good and comfortable shoes for jogging. As a result, the foot feels so heavy, injury, or retracing less precise. Running shoes are specially created to run. So when you are retracing the movements, you will be supported with an elastic sponge and prevent foot injuries. In addition, generally the soles are flexible, not hard and not hurt your feet.

catch my breath

Set breath it is important to make you not get tired. Create a count of 1-8, and within 1-3 inhale, count to four exhales. Continuing with the count 5-7 to take a deep breath and exhaled 8. The good inhale and exhale through the nose. Lock mouth shut so that you can feel the passage of air through the nose. This will help you not be easy to feel tired, as well as respiratory and heart can train you well.

The position of the foot while jogging

The current position ran the light and make your fatigue is half tiptoe. So here is not the entire sole of your feet should touch the ground, but the tip of the foot. With this run will be lighter and you can not easily tired.

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Minimal run for 45 minutes

Morning run, do not just 10-15 minutes. To do a more effective combustion, then you must run constantly for 45 minutes. Thus, the burning of fat on the body to be effective. The burned area is the most easily fat. So double check your body shrinks after jogging workout 3-4 times.

Relax your feet after a run
Following the run, do not immediately sit or cross-legged. But, bring your legs to walk at least 5-10 minutes. Recharge your energy by drinking enough water. Then bathe in warm water so that the muscles remain relaxed and not surprised.

Here are some of the benefits of regular morning run

hm, like i said before i wanna share the benefits of running in the morning for routine. for you who never run have to read this!!

Benefits of Morning Run to Burn Bad Fat
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1. Benefits of Morning Run to Burn Bad Fat

Jogging in the morning can provide additional psychological and physiological benefits, including weight loss. The first exercise in the morning is very effective for burning fat.

This is because after sleeping body in a state of semi-fasting and carbohydrate depleted inventories. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body, so that when the supply is depleted, your body will burn fat tissue for fuel during exercise instead.

As long as we kept running at low to moderate intensity, your body will burn fat, especially for fuel, making it effective for weight loss.

In addition, when we sleep the body's metabolism slows down completely. Running in the morning is a great way to start increasing your metabolism. Many studies have proven that people who used to run in the morning on a regular basis have a better metabolic rate.

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2. Enlarge Muscles

Besides being able to help you lose weight, jogging in the morning can also improve body composition and helps build muscle.

3. Reduce Stress

One benefit of running in the morning is as stress relievers. Why is that ? In the long term can make your mind becomes more relaxed and Relax.

4. Fresh All Day

Running in the morning is also very beneficial for the lungs, the body is filled with fresh air through breathing, thus providing a more healthy life for blood cells in the body. As well as creating a good coordination between the mind and the soul.

A fresh mind will create a mood for the better that will automatically contribute to the improvement of health conditions. As well as body movements involving all the muscles will make blood circulation more smoothly.

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5. Get Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Running in the morning not only good for your health, but Running in the morning also has benefits for your relationship :p . when you go out for run you will meet new people, new friend, even new boyfriend or girlfriend.

you can ask her/him to run with you, some chit chat will make you run for longer time also give you more time with her/him.

you will have healthy partner if you get her/him while running. it's great, isn't it? lol have good running and healthy partner.

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Similarly, information and tips as well as the benefits of regular morning run, for it immediately do a healthy lifestyle with exercise or jog regularly. Health was not expensive, as long as we can live with balanced pattern. Hopefully with this article can be helpful and useful for all of us.

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