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Hell Yeah,,Benefits of Beet For Lung Disease

Benefits of Beet For Lung Disease
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Beet is currently being used as an experiment to help care for people with lung disease. Because the fruit beets that juiced can increase oxygen levels in the blood. Increased blood oxygen levels also can alleviate the symptoms that may be experienced by patients with lung disease.

Researchers say the fruit beets have nitrate levels are high enough. Based on that, the researchers believe that the juice of the fruit beets can improve blood oxygen levels in the body.

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Therefore, the researchers made the menu beet juice as part of the rehabilitation process for patients with obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) chronic.

Since January 2016, the chronic COPD patients given 140 ml beet juice once a week for two months. It is hoped the various symptoms of lung disease in patients, such as difficulty breathing and fatigue, can be reduced.

Syed Husain, experts from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, who participated in the study said if the study proved they will make menu to get benefits beet juice as a standard of care in the NHS. Husain was optimistic when caring for patients with lung disease can dilakuakn with simple innovations such as beet juice.

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"We are looking for more innovative ways (to overcome lung disease)," said Husain.

Some of the major hospitals in the United Kingdom also participated in this study. The study, led by the Royal Brompton Hospital has many experts who participated in the study.

While COPD itself is the third largest killer in the UK today. COPD is usually caused by smoking, exposure to chemicals, dust, vapors to air pollution. Fruit beets that have been used as a medicine since the Roman era, believed to have efficacy for blood circulation to the heart and many other health benefits of beets.

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